What’s In a Name?

How To Name Your Social Media Accounts

When you’re setting up new businesses, blogs, social media accounts and more you first have to come up with a name. Getting the perfect name can be time consuming and brain draining. Here are some ideas and tools to help make the process smoother.

First, does your name make sense? People should be able to tell what your business is right away. If a potential client has to guess what you do, they won’t. Using your own name is always great if you’re an Entrepreneur or an Artist. Just add your industry to the end of your name (Eg. Joe Schmoe Landscaping). You are your business and it’s okay to act that way! If you’re a company where it’s about a team, not about you, make sure to select a relevant name. Choose Metalworks Jewelry versus Pink Butterfly. Cutesy names make seem great at first but they’re generally not a great business decision for your online presence.

Use names that are pronounceable and spelled properly. If you try to get people to find you online by spelling your name differently than the word is spelled you will constantly run into problems. If you’re insistent on using a different version (eg. Purrfect Pets) you will probably want to also be found by the correct spelling (Perfect Pets). Don’t make your clients work for it!

Consistency is key. You want to brand yourself across platforms in a consistent and memorable way. So you need to figure out a name that will work on different sites. For example, if you have a longer business name (Social Content Consulting) will it work as a shortened Twitter name (@sococonsulting)?

Next you need to find out if your name is available. This can take a lot of time so I’ve listed some tools below to help shorten the process. In addition to these, do your research. Google your potential name. Does it have any bad associations?

Helpful tools:

www.spinxo.com Social Media Name Generator – enter some basic details about yourself or your business and click the spin button. The site will come up with 30 unique names based on the information. The ideas are not the most original, but the cool part about this tool is that you can use the checker to see if the selected name is available on sites such as Twitter or Instagram.

namechk.com Name Checker – Once you have some ideas for user names use this site to check availability across platforms.

instantdomainsearch.com Find Domain Names – quick and simple way to find if your domain names are available.

Want some advice on business or social media names you’re considering? Feel free to post ideas in the comments for constructive feedback!

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