Help! – What Do I Write About?

Tips for Social Media Posts

People often say to me that they want to get better at posting on social media, but they don’t know what to post about. They wonder how they will think of things, whether anyone will care what they post, or how to be consistent. Often it’s a case of over-thinking things. You will notice once you start posting regularly you’ll get into a groove, and it will come easier to you. But to get to that point you need to start. So here three tips for social media posts:

  1. Write about what interests YOU. Seems to simple to be true, right? But assuming you are an entrepreneur or artist that works in an industry you care about, than what interests you will interest those who follow what you do. Example: If you are a Wedding Singer, you like music. Write about what’s new with your favorite musicians, link to youtube videos of your favorite songs or talk about which artists inspire you. It doesn’t have to relate to your industry, weddings, it just has to relate to you.
  2. Write about your community. Whether you work locally or globally, you have a community of humans. What events are going on in your community that you’ll be attending? What human interest stories would relate to your area? You want to be an authority and trusted source within your community. Start acting like one.
  3. Write about your industry. If you work as a graphic designer, talk about the latest trends in design, how to apply this year’s Pantone color, or what’s new in technology in your field. You don’t have to come up with this information. Find articles to link to or discuss.

These should be some good starting points for you. Try picking one of these three ideas to start and then rotate through them three days a week. Would posting consistently three days a week feel good right now?

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