Google’s Mobilegeddon

Are You Ready?

Today is the day that Google will penalize websites that are not mobile friendly. What is this all about and why should you care? Google began it’s mobile demotion algorithm in 2013, and is now expanding this program. Basically, if your site is not mobile ready you will rank lower than you previously did in search results. It’s never a good thing to lose SEO rankings.

Is your website up to speed? The best place to start is to check your website with Google: Check My Site. Did you pass the test? Great! Although even if you passed the test take a look at how your site appears. Does your logo look funky? Do you like the layout? You make want to make some tweaks to the mobile version of your site. Did your site fail? Here are some tips:

First, see what Google says about WHY your site is anti-mobile. Maybe there are some simple changes you can make on your own.

Second, log into your website’s admin page, or contact your web designer to see if there is a place to make your site mobile friendly with a click of the button. If you are a ProPhoto user, for example, just click the button to use a mobile-friendly version of your site. You can further customize the user experience from there, but at least you can be ready quickly.

If you’re using WordPress as your website platform search for a plugin that will convert your existing site into a mobile friendly version. These are often paid plugins, but should cost you much versus the damage it will do to your SEO to not be up to date. I have not personally tested any of these so be sure to do your homework and read the reviews before installing any plugins.

If none of these options are working or possible for your site, you can purchase a free-standing mobile friendly site, or better yet take this as a sign that it’s time to update your existing website!

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