Be Authentic

How To Not Be Socially Awkward

The Beginning

Imagine it’s day 1 of your business/blog/website/idea. Where are you starting from? Why are you doing this? Whether it’s actually day 1 of your business or not, this is where you want to start from going forward.

People buy things from people. People they know, like and trust. So if they’ve never met you, how can you get them to know, like and trust you? By being authentic. By being YOU.

To be clear, being you doesn’t mean you have to share all your deepest darkest secrets. It doesn’t mean you have to share your political or religious views. It doesn’t mean talking about your irrational fears or your most embarrassing moments.

Being authentic means being true to who you are and WHY you are here. So let’s start now. If you’re brave, post a comment below telling me WHY you do what you do.


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